Arsenic levels in rice – Pure products safe

Many of you will have seen reports this week concerning levels of arsenic in food, in particular in rice and rice products. Arsenic is a naturally occuring metal in the earth’s crust and therefore organic arsenic is present in most foods and the water we consume and always has been. Current research suggests that excessive… Continue reading Arsenic levels in rice – Pure products safe

A rock and a hard place

This week my interest was drawn to an article from the Journal of Cereal Science which suggests that it may be possible to genetically modify wheat strains so that the gliadin (gluten protein) is reduced or becomes ‘silent’ and therefore non-toxic to those with coeliac disease.  Immediately my mind was filled with thoughts and questions… Continue reading A rock and a hard place

Teenage kicks

There are many recipe books available for the gluten-free cook and a great number are written by people who were either themselves diagnosed with coeliac disease or who have a close relative with the disease. I haven’t come across many books that are simply written as an experience of being diagnosed and the impact it… Continue reading Teenage kicks

Quality not quantity

Regardless of industry sector there are always reports at this time of year to tell us what the likely trends for the coming year are going to be. Arguably the horse meat scandal has had one of the biggest impacts in years on the food industry and consumer buying habits, and it would also appear… Continue reading Quality not quantity

It’s just a habit…

Several different articles have piqued my interest this month, although I feel there is a related theme. One was the survey that a well-known supermarket conducted into people’s cooking habits. What they discovered was that most of us stick to a few well-known dishes when we cook dinner (49% consume the same meal 2 or… Continue reading It’s just a habit…